Fifth PLM Network Conference, St Andrews (Great Britain), August 2019; title of the talk: „Against Intentionalism – experimental study on demonstrative reference”.

Fourth PLM Master Class with Angelika Kratzer, Salzburg (Austria), October 2018; title of the talk: „Problematic Semantics of Non-Doxastic Attitude Verbs”

Salzburg Conference for Young Analytic Philosophy 2016 (Sophia 2016), Salzburg (Austria), September 2016; title of the talk: “Attitude ascriptions, substitutivity, and descriptions”

Warsaw Workshop in Philosophy of Language: Logic and Meaning, May 2016 (Warsaw, Poland), title of the talk: “Conditionals and content connection – an experimental study” (co-authored with Natalia Pietrulewicz and Marcin Będkowski)

Topics in Philosophy of Language, April 2016 (Warsaw, Poland), title of the talk: “Experimental research on connectives in natural language” (co-authored with Natalia Pietrulewicz)

23th Annual Meeting of European Society for Philosophy and Psychology (ESPP 2015), July 2015, (Tartu, Estonia); title of the talk: “Towards contextualist theory of logical connectives in natural languages” (co-authored with Natalia Pietrulewicz and Marcin Będkowski)

Names, Demonstratives, and Expressives, September 2014 (Gargnano, Italy); title of the talk: “Attributive names, misnaming and misdescription”

Eight European Congress of Analytic Philosophy (ECAP 8), August-September 2014, (Bucharest, Romania); title of the talk: “Descriptions, quantificational account, and truth-theoretic semantics”

The Third International Conference on Philosophy of Language and Linguistics (PhiLang2013), May 2013, (Lodz, Poland); title of the talk: “Free logical theory of definite descriptions”